Monday, August 03, 2009

what is memorable for me is my first experience at mrs. mike's. it's a drive in so we were eating in my car that day - think it was too cold to eat outside. when i was finished, i crumpled up the foil wrapper - which evidently had a little too much sauce left over - as it squirted all over my windshield. mayo and grease is surprisingly difficult to clean off glass, so i got to drive home with a nice view of grease everywhere. it was pretty cool. (and maybe a little disgusting - but whatever...)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I cannot believe you do not have Kelekis on your list of burger joints! Went there for lunch today with hy husband and had a Yaleburger with baco and fried onions! GO!!! Have the double Yaleburger and enjoy!!

christellar said...

General Comment about Blog:

I'm so glad to see Winnipeg has a burger critic site! WOO HOO!

That being said: I am a sustainable/quality food supporter: where are the REALFOOD BURGERS on your reviews/lists? IE - ground grassfed sirloins? There are a mountain of great places in the city that provide REAL burgers. Not ground crappage IMHO

I am sadly dissapointed to see mass-manufactured meats only. This comment is meant as positive feedback btw and some constructive critisizm to get the juices going :)

Cheers and good eats my friend :)