Monday, August 03, 2009

what is memorable for me is my first experience at mrs. mike's. it's a drive in so we were eating in my car that day - think it was too cold to eat outside. when i was finished, i crumpled up the foil wrapper - which evidently had a little too much sauce left over - as it squirted all over my windshield. mayo and grease is surprisingly difficult to clean off glass, so i got to drive home with a nice view of grease everywhere. it was pretty cool. (and maybe a little disgusting - but whatever...)
don't get me wrong though - it's still better than most. size does count after all..... just not as memorable as it could be.

so the king burger is pretty solid - however, i have to admit it just isn't my favourite. something about the flavouring i guess. maybe it's the chili - i don't know. sorry winnipeg.
The King Burger. not a fatboy.... but 2 patties to make up for it.
The occassion? Steve and his buddy Sandy visiting from Scotland.

Mrs. Mikes

Mrs. Mikes - consistently one of the top 5 among local winnipegers - i figured it was probably about time i got it on the blog......

Saturday, January 24, 2009

this video is unfortunately down for maintenance.

So, in honour of the monster burger, i thought i would try something a little different and post a video. well, before you get too excited, it's only a photo montage video, but still. Neil wimped out on the monster so he was regulated to taking pictures - and he took a lot, so i figured i might as well use them. It just so happened to be Hugh's birthday that day as well so he took up the challenge with me. I would however just like to point out, that these photos are in order - so yes, i did eat mine before Hugh even got to his second half.....